FIRST LOOK: Upcoming book releases


Mother, educator, and youth advocate, Jamia introduces a game changing book series for families dealing with and overcoming issues with infertility.  This three book series includes a fun loving children's book, 30-day devotional with co-author, Letitia Winston, and a powerful prayer journal. Follow Jamia's path to wholeness as she teaches us how to create a path of our own.  Available in Paperback - Expected release 2020.


This heartwarming memoir takes us on a journey that will make us laugh, cry, reflect, celebrate, and forgive.  Inspired to make a difference, Ernest's voice of honesty and transparency is both heroic and triumphant as he bravely opens up and shared the moments in his life and how he used obstacles as stepping stones to show us how we too can draw strength through adversity.  Available in Paperback and eBook - Expected release 2020.


A soft-spoken voice makes the greatest impact when it echos through the pages of a book.  Denise takes us by the hand and walk us through the eight fruits of the spirit of God that is sure to increase our understanding of how to love.  Here practical and simple approach shows us how to support one another in faith.  Add this easy ready to your ministry library this fall.  Available in Paperback and eBook - Expected release 2020.


Get ready to be changed from the inside out as Pastor Warner, founder of Blessed 24/7, challenges the way we see, hear, and understand redemption.  His common touch approach is easy to read, relate, and receive.  Available in Paperback and eBook - Expected release 2020.


Shatia opens the heart of every child and speaks to the kingdom living on the inside of them. Through the pages of this book, Shatia challenges children to be greater by showing them how to use the Word of God to cancel negative words and replace them with positive affirmations and life-changing word vocabulary.  Available in eBook - Expected release 2020


"Through the Eyes of a Lost Shepherd," Nicole Cooper pens a page-turning story of captivating and compelling life changes.  Best described as a memoir, this biography of a young woman brave enough to tell her story and strong enough to stand in her truth will literally leave you hanging on the end of every jaw dropping page.  Available in Paperback and eBook - Expected release 2020. 


Known for his incredible revelation and knowledge of God's Word, Pastor Dewayne Freeman travels the country imparting wisdom into leaders as he and wife work to advance God's Kingdom through the Word.  Already an established author, Pastor Dewayne joins the Remnant Book community with his latest ministry offering, "Overcoming the Deadly Sting of Offense."  Learn how to leave an offense free live and accelerate the benefits of God's blessing with the heart to forgive.  Available in Paperback - Expected release 2020.


Graduate of the Christian Bible Institute and Seminary, Kevin Fuqua joins the Remnant Book author community with a God inspired and spiritually edifying offering that will encourage, elevate, and expand us in ways we could not have imagined.  Kevin skillfully crafts this masterpiece cross between memoir and dissertation in hopes of winning as many to Christ, build the faith of Christians, and stretch the faith of every Christian leader.  Available in Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook - Expected release 2020.


"Rita's Story" is full of moving life reflections and compelling commentary.  After over 30 years of marriage, her husband was critically injured in a car accident while suffering a medical emergency.  The way Rita found strength to embrace the new normal as a gift from God with the premise, "Serving my husband is not a burden; it is my pleasure."  Over the last 20 years, Rita has been counseling and ministering to married couples and families sharing tools of wisdom and providing nuggets of strength to brave the elements and endure the hard times that lead to the expected result, "It was all for the good, in spite of."  Available in Paperback and eBook  - Expected release 2020.


The spoken word in print, Eric gives us an inside look at the heart of a warrior with the release of his collection of poetry.  You'll laugh, reflect, and be inspired all at the same time as each poem brings us to a place of enlightenment and empowerment.  Available in Paperback - Expected release 2020.


A compelling memoir, Shawn's candid and transparent tone sets the stage for a roller coaster passionate read.  Once you start reading, you won't want to stop.  Shawn opens up about his life in the streets, his evolution as a business owner, and his leadership role as a husband, father, and son. This is one book every young man should read, every working man should immolate, and every father should embrace.  Own this family treasure in a book. Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, and eBook - Expected Release 2020. 


"HE Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" is an intimate awakening of a woman's discovery of God's love.  Vanessa takes us through three stages of love that lead her healing, restoration, and wholeness.  Exploring the dynamics of human and divine love, this book gives us a glimpse into the heart of God as we learn just how HE loves us.  Available in Paperback - Expected Release 2020.


From the eyes of a little girl, Anita Marshall brings us into her fragile world of shattered dreams that fell like broken glass with a page-turning memoir of self resilience.  Finding her voice in the wilderness is just the beginning of this triumphantly rich story of compelling revelation after revelation.  Looking back over her life, it is apparent that the hand of God was quietly with her and this book breaks that silence and shouts with a voice of triumph and celebrates our God.  Available in Paperback and eBook - Expected Release 2020.


"Kingdom Nuggets" are a collection of short words of encouragement we can all stand to receive.  Apostle Stanfill's ministry is one of hope and grace.  She's gathered over 100 quotes she's shared with people in the areas of the mind, soul, and body.  If you just read one nugget a day, you'll be well on your way to a better day, life, and legacy of love in Christ Jesus.  Available in Paperback - Expected Release 2020.


Bridging the gap between the community and the church can prove to be a difficult task but not for Bishop Lee.  In this eye-opening book, we learn the secret to building bridges and bridging gaps that lead to radical redemption and saving grace.  Bishop's eye for scripture gives him a unique eye for those whom he's called to serve and this book advances the territory of his sphere of influence so we all can increase our capacity to do more, reach more, and build higher.  Available in Paperback and eBook - Expected Release 2020.

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