Author GROUND Book Pro, Plus & MAX

Our Ground Book promotional service is ideal for the author looking to make a splash in the marketplace. If you are ready to publish your first book, relaunch an existing book, or introduce yourself to the publishing industry, this service is the perfect choice. Social media and internet platforms are the front line to the new marketplace, and our world-class design team will work with you to create amazing designs, draw traffic to your website, provide detailed statistics and analyst to help you target your audience, and create amazing eye-catching professional stationery and awesome press releases and book reviews. Own this ground-breaking service today when you become a publishing partner with us. 

$1,500 - $3,500 / $1,250 - $3,000 (Member Rate)

Flex Pay Available

Author AIR Book Pro, Plus & MAX

Our Air Book promotional service is where the world will take notice of you. With your own YouTube channel, website, and social media team, customers will have a real-time experience with your product and service while listening to your interactive interviews on the local, national, and global radio networks and multi-media airtime. Our team of experienced media experts know how to get your book to the right audience, and we’ll help expose you to hundreds of thousands of potential customers when you partner with us through this amazing prize offering. Generating national coverage for an unknown authors can be difficult, so investing into our Air Book program will open doors and help give your book the advantage it needs in a crowded marketplace. 

$5,000 - $15,000 / $4,000 - $12,500 (Member Rate)

Flex Pay Available

Author QUANTUM Book Pro, Plus & MAX

Experience a quantum leap when you build on the global exposure you will receive from our Ground and Air Book services by creating a polished and universal brand. You will receive three personal coaches who will work with you to host and participate in live-events, author pavilions, participate in national conventions as a keynote speaker, panelist, or media personality. Your coach will work with you to expand the shelf life of your book to ensure your name and product stays relevant for years to come. With brand identity, brand development, and brand recognition, you will expand the life of your book in such a way that major book publishers and studios will seek after you with potentially life-changing offerings. It’s one thing to be a best-seller but another to be a best-known author. Best-selling authors come a dime and a doze, believe it or not. However, best-known authors create an evolution of residual income with multiple top sellers, large audience pools, and a global presence that demands top dollar for future projects. Get started on the fast track to perpetual wealth and quantum leap into the industry with a splash heard around the world! 

$35,000 - $75,000 (Included in Resident Publishing Services - See Writing Tab)

Flex Pay Available

World-Class Logo and Speciality Designs

MemberS saVE with flex pay

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