Aaron J. Munson is CEO and President of the City of Jabez.  With over 20 years of ghostwriting, coaching and publishing experience, Aaron opened Jabez Publishing House in 2013 and has since produced, created, collaborated or authored over 100 titles in print.  The City of Jabez is the hybrid production of writing, publishing and promotions now available through educational platforms, social media and more!


 Kelly Schuknecht serves as the Marketing Coordiantor and has been in the publishing industry for over a decade, including writing, publishing and book marketing.  She has developed nearly 100 marketing products and services to help authors promote their books and accomplish their goals.  She currently works with authors to develop and implement personalized book launch plans. 


Michelle Thormes serves as the Publishing Coordinator and is responsible for all aspects of author orientation, support, production, and solutions for Jabez Publishing House.  Her dual role also includes immediate administrative support to the publisher and liaison between authors and production specialist.


Xavier Montinez serves as the Promotions Coordinator for the City of Jabez and is responsible for all marketing, promotion, and distribution campaigns of Jabez Publishing House, JPH University, and Jabez Enterprize.  Xavier is the digital face of the company as he works to register writers and authors for the monthly webinar special offerings and educational platforms.


Yvonne Re-Shay Edwards is a Web-Developer and a Writer who specializes in Ghost writing, Editing, Content Creation, Scholarly Projects and SEO. Despite her inability to talk fluently after being involved in a motor accident, her expertise is something to emulate. Her articles and projects have appeared in a number of reknown sites such as HubPages and She contributes informative content and adds great value to the JPH University. Her educational background in Computer Sciences and Arts has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics.  


Aaron J. Munson is a graduate and resident publisher of the Christian Bible Institute and Seminary.  Minister Munson works with the President and Board of Regent to assist students with thesis, dissertations, and book conversions.  The Christian Bible Institute and Seminary is fully accredited and graduates kingdom builders on every level of service and ministry.