Editing, Transcribing, Book Publishing, Scheduling, Calendar Management, Contracts, Invoices

The Management Specialist is responsible for managing the publisher’s executive calendar, schedules meetings with authors and clients, tracks and responds to emails, edits and manages client and author contracts, assist with content writing and editing of books, promotional materials, internal and external documents, and administers the book publishing process with global distributors.



Graphic Design, Book Cover Design, Interior Design Layout, Logo Design

The Production Specialist is responsible for creating electronic files/applications, creating and converting PDF’s to jpg, png, and vector files, interior design layout of books and eBooks, full cover design layout using InDesign, creating logos, promotional flyers, and other graphic design duties as assigned.



Press Release, Pitch Letters, Conference and Events, Webinars, Bookstore Relations


Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations

Seminary Partnership Liaison 

The Communication Specialist is responsible for building bridges and bridging gaps with the publisher and selected marketplace. Ideal candidate will have working knowledge and experiences with digital platforms, media engines, and relationship building. Excellent writing and communication skills required.


Applicants must submit resume and cover letter to with "Paid Virtual Internships" in the subject line.  This is a publishing company so your email, resume, and cover letter are considered part of the application process.  Make a great first impression!

Selected applicants will be invited to interview with the publisher.  It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the City of Jabez website in advance of the interview.

A writing, graphic, or media related sample may be included with the application process.

If selected, salary and hours are negotiable and flexible, as this is a virtual assignment lasting 6 weeks to 3 months.


Because the internship is done remotely, participants will have the opportunity to set their own hours and engage in the production process remotely.  This is an excellent way to earn extra money while in school or build a potential career path for a career in the book writing and publishing industry.


An amazing experienced with an innovative company could be the first step to owning your own business.  As part of your internships, participants who advance beyond the initial virtual internship will be invited to a business partnership opportunity.  While most companies are looking for employees; we are looking for business partners.  Own your own personal business and control your future when you advance to the Pathway to Success Program.