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One-on-One Book Writing and Coaching

With over 20 years of professional ghostwriting, book coaching, and publishing experience; our team of writers specialize in creative writing, manuscript development, specialty books, novels, short stories, poetry, theology, academia, technical, proposals, bids, and more.  Let our amazing team turn your book idea into the pages of a best-selling book.

PHASE 1 – LAYING THE FOUNDATION:  Our BLUE Print Model helps your flush out your ideas and lay out a path using creative writing design tools - laying the foundation for your new book.

PHASE 2 - SKETCHING THE DESIGN:  Our creative writing design process is simple.  We put meat on the bones or bring color to the outline.  During this stage, you'll see your words begin to flow through the pages of your manuscript in a way readers can embrace and enjoy.

PHASE 3 - CUSTOMIZATION:  Once the infrastructure has been established, it is time to "put verbs in our sentence."  This means we are going through making sure your manuscript has introductory points, transitional sentences, complete thoughts, and open narratives are consistent.  The style, tone, and consistency of your writing is critical to your book's success.

PHASE -  PUBLISH READY:  The final phase of your book's development is to create a publish-ready file.  This is where we help you frame your manuscript and prepare to submit it to a publisher.  This is where we create your press release draft language, author bio, summary of the book, table of content, acknowledgement, dedication, foreword, afterword, preface, glossary, introduction, end notes/footnotes, images, or reference guide.  If you are create a workbook companion; this is where we will lay out your manuscript format.

Available Options

Consider adding one or more companion books to your original manuscript to build on your book's momentum:

  • Workbook
  • User Guide
  • Devotional
  • Training Manual
  • Journal
  • Notebook

Consider hiring the consulting services of your own book writing and publisher on staff and produce multiple books with our Resident Publishing Services.  Our partners include:

  • Heart of David Ministries
  • Christian Bible Institute & Seminary
  • Dewayne Freeman Ministries
  • Word of Restoration International
  • Center for Transformation
  • William C. Smith Incorporated

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