I'm Ready to publishing My book?


Reserve a Space

Build-A-Book starts with security your space on our creative calendar.  Your earnest money deposit reserves your project on the production calendar and is credited toward the balance of your book project.

Register Your Title

Once you've reserved your space, you will work with the publisher to finalize a title for your book, register the copyrights, identify the best insurance product, and receive an estimated book release date.

Customize Your Designs

Your secured title will be referred to our award winning design team.  You will have an opportunity to customize your book from cover to cover.  Our designers specialize in world-class covers, interior layout, photography, video production, marketing, social media, and branding.  You will have a chance to select from a variety or products and service to be included in your customized package.

Customize Your Content

Is your book ready to publish or does it need a little work?  Our experienced writers will review your manuscript and provide a comprehensive analyst that will help you decide whether you should publish it as is, have a skilled writer improve on the content for style, tone, and consistency, or consider to total reconstruction of the manuscript.  Once completed, we'll create an amazing interior design layout of your book and you can select the trim size, page count, and price based on our recommendations.

Finalize Your Custom Order

The Author Protection Plan, Author Protection Plan B, Author Royalty Program, and Author Equity Line of Credit are just some of ways we add peace and comfort to the book publishing and writing experience.  Just before your finalize your official contract, you will learn about the exciting resources we offer and decide which ones will be the best fit for you.

Secure Your Project

Once your customization is complete, you will have an opportunity to review your official contract and set up your Flex Pay installation agreement.  Once your contract is finalized, we will start to build your book and you'll receive a detailed timeline of estimated delivery and official book release!


PREMIER Workspace allows authors to publish produce, publish, and promote multiple books.  Services include workbook companions, eBook series, premium websites, graphic design services, marketing and promotional materials, videography, photography, and professional ghostwriting.  Reserve your PREMIER workspace today!


Content Development

Whether you have a completed dissertation or a page-turning handwritten journal; our PREMIER workspace is ideal for you.  Our experienced writers will assist you with preparing a publish-ready file to hit the marketplace. Reserve your PREMIER workspace today!

Professional Photography & Design

You've been working on a manuscript for years and just can't seem to get to the finish line.  Our professional writing team will convert your writing into a page-turning, thought provoking, life-changing book you can be proud of.  Reserve your PREMIER workspace today!

Blogs to Book - Post to Pages

Ready to convert your Facebook Post, inspirational or funny tweets and blogs into the pages of a published book?  Our professional writing team will convert your writings into an Amazon best-seller in less than a year.  Reserve your PREMIER worksapce today!


Hard Cover, Paperback, and eBOOKs

Ready to get your story out to the masses?  Our PREFERRED workspace is idea for publish-ready authors in the market for a publisher. Not only will we create a Hard Cover, Paperback, and eBook version of your book; we'll build you a website and press kit to help you launch.  Reserve your PREFERRED workspace today!


Ready to publish but need a little coaching to help bring your manuscript to fruition?  Our professional design partners will help you launch an amazing new book in less than four months.  Reserve your PREFERRED workspace today!


eBOOK SERIES - Book 1 of 4

You're good at giving advice and helping others. Why not convert those nuggets into jewels?  Let us help you create a short book series run by taking your simple advice and strategies on a subject of your choice and create an eBook or eBook series.  Reserve your PROFESSIONAL Workspace today!

eBOOK SERIES - Book 2 of 4

Reserve your PROFESSIONAL workspace today!


Reserve your PROFESSIONAL workspace today!


Reserve your PROFESSIONAL workspace today!