Create your own book using one of our innovative publishing packages.  We've created models for each category with a base price starting as low as $995.  One of our sales managers will assist you with creating a customized package that best represents your personality, mission, goals, and ideas.




Establish yourself as an industry leader with a customized book that separates you from other professionals in your field. Starting at just $995, our team of professional writers will convert your teaching series, PowerPoint presentations, and speaking notes into a page-turning resource tool. Choose to have one book or a series of books or eBooks. Consider adding a workbook, journal, guide, or resource guide to create an interactive environment with your readers. If that’s not enough, we’re offering 100% advance royalties every 30-days, complimentary insurance coverage of up to $2,500 in the event of lost, stolen or damaged books with the Author Protection Plan B and up to $250 in Imagine Cash. 



Starting at just $1,495, you can create a page-turning thriller of your life-story with one of our creative writing experts. Our writing specialist will work with you to tell your story with the spirit of truth and integrity it deserves. It’s not what you say; it is how you say it. We have over 20 years of experiences turning tragedy into triumph, pain into prosperity, and family stories into precious jewels. This model is ideal for short-stories, personal testimonies, life stories, biographies, and autobiographies. Receive up to $1,000 in Imagine Cash to use toward upgrading your publishing package to include customize graphic designs, promotional materials, and exciting author benefits.



You’ve got the trade secret for success and it’s time for people to pay you for your thoughts. Did you know that the world has been waiting for you to step out and say hello and will pay you to show them a better way? Create a step-by-step guide to help others grow their family, finances, career, education, or business. Become the subject matter expert and owner of the intellectual property of the small idea that worked so well you thought it was worth sharing with the world. Upgrade your Self Help book to include an interactive webinar series, professional workshops, and live streaming presentations online. Get up to $500 Imagine Cash to use toward some of our amazing design suites that include a customized website, professional standing banners, stationery, business cards, personalized logo, envelopes, and branding. Starting at just $1,995, you’ll be matched with some of the best writers, designers, and book publishing consultants in the world to help you help others.


MULTI-MEDIA: Social Media Model


Social media is the place where communities are formed, cultures are shared, experiences are customized, and events go viral. Whether you are arguing for or against a world issue, promoting someones product or service, or pushing an agenda that is important to you; this model will help you convert your blogs and post into the pages of best-selling eBook series. Amazon is waiting for you to join its growing number of authors who simply took their views and experiences from a post to a book. With just a simple link, your smart book feature will connect readers to your latest Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Author Website, and Facebook post. We’ll help you get the credible reviews you need on Amazon and convert them into assets that make your book attractive enough for digital media companies to promote your book to hundreds of thousands of followers without you having to do a thing. Starting at just $2,495, you’re well on your way to a career as a digital marketing genius – capitalizing on today’s trending marketplace; the internet. Save more when you provide up to 10,000 words of publish-ready content and receive a writer’s credit of up to $500.

FAMILY: Children Model


Are you gifted with children and want to create a best-selling series of books, cartoons, or animated short series films or movies? Well, it all starts with a single book.  Let us take your short-story and established characters and bring life and color to them. Whether you want to publish a full color hard cover book for toddlers or an action packed superficial comic series for youth and teens; we want your ideas. Having an imagination is the first step in creative design. Let us help you create the next best-selling – box office smash hit with a small investment starting at just $2,795. Save more when you provide the content and images/sketches and receive up to $750 in writer’s credit.

GOVERNMENT: Political Model


Tell-All books are some of the best-sellers in the world. Taking readers by the hand and allowing them to be a fly on the wall during some of the most important discussions that have framed their lives is intriguing and captivating. Whether you are writing a book based on a true story or using knowledge of the political landscape to create a page-turning fictional thriller, our political model is ideal for you. Sell your story to major networks by upgrading to our national political campaign using our innovative model of segregate readers, campaign managers, and digital conventions using our unique book modeling campaign strategy. Starting at just $3,495, we’ll help you frame your political publishing into a front line story. Save more when you submit a publish-ready novel or short stories series and receive a writer’s credit of up to $1,000.

EDUCATION: Academic Model

Colleges and universities are filled with information but lacking revelation.  Did you know that kno


Colleges and universities are filled with information but lack one thing - revelation. Did you know that knowledge is only obtained through experience and who better to publish the other side of the information gained by millions of students than you? That’s right! Considering you have answers to many of the questions students have about their education, the science of higher learning is in your hand and we want to put a writing pen in it and help you create the formula for success. Whether you are interested in building around key components of your college papers, thesis, dissertation, or create a blueprint for professors or students to model – your library offering can be the next case study or scholarly resource every college and university will be dying to get their hands on. Upgrade to include our customized college book tour guide that will get your book before large campuses and communities with a world-class design and marketing strategy. Starting at just $3,995, we’ll help you build a virtual reality that establishes you as a resource every school should add to their library today. Save more when you use a certified evidence-based model and receive up to $1,500 in writer’s credit.



Your imagination is about to pay off. Take your followers by the hand and into the exciting, intriguing, insightful, and creative genius have become your signature. With access to unlimited resources, power, and authority; your writing has the ability to take on a life of its own – building characters that become household names and creating backdrops that become models for amusement parks or inspirations for movies, short films, and online streaming content. Start your own production studio with a well-written book starting at just $4,595 when you are paired with our team of writing experts and publishing consultants. Let us help you go from idea to print with a ghostwriting team. Save more when you do all the writing and receive a writer’s credit of up to $2,000.



There is more than one way to create and grow a business but only one way to sustain it and you know exactly what it is. Your success story is not just for you but for others. It is time to duplicate yourself in others by stimulating the champion in those who seek to be where you are. What separates a sovereign business from one that experience inconsistencies and is impacted by economic factors and market trends? Why is it that some businesses seem to be recession proof while others seemingly fade with the changing times? You own the model that every business owner or aspiring leader needs and it’s time to leave a legacy of success in the earth and it starts with your online platform featuring live streaming coaching sessions, webinars, and one-on-one coaching opportunities. We won’t let you give it all away in the book. Instead, we’ll help you create a book that gives the reader just enough information to buy into what you’re selling. Let us help you build assets in your company by turning readers into followers and followers into customers. Starting at just $5,995, we will work with you to create an attractive concept that gets you before the audience you desire.  Save more when you write it yourself and receive up to $3,000 in writer’s credit.



The world is made up of many nations. People are influenced by many cultures, communities, and experiences and not all religions are the same. Through the pages of your book, you have an opportunity to take readers by the hand and educate them on ways and traditions that redefine or reimagine their thoughts about how your personal religion or challenge with a particular religion has been presented. Our church model allows you the space and opportunity to express your convictions productively in a way that best represents those who follow your religion, are interest in learning more about your religion, or offer new ways to explore any one or all religions. Starting at just $7,995, we can help you frame your religious freedom with an eye-opening book. Learn how your book may qualify to receive up to $5,000 in writer’s credit.


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