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The All New Author Protection Plan (Free for Members)

$175 Secures Your Project up to 90-days after the book is published.

$25 Deductible / Change Request

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JABEZ HOLDINGS "Intellectual Property"


Similar to real-estate property, a book is the intellectual property representing the legal ownership of the controlling interest of a non-geographical estate. The rights can be shared (co-author) or owned by one party. As a deed is the evidence of ownership of a real-estate property, a book represents the deed or title-deed evidence of one’s intelligence. Originated in scripture, faith is the evidence of things hoped for and substance of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). The amplified translation describes faith as being the “title-deed”.  

JABEZ Holdings

The publisher is the title holder (Jabez Holdings) but the author is the owner of the intellectual property of the work being published. The government has established a system through the U.S. Library of Congress that confirms, registers, and archives all intellectual property as an official copyright.  


A copyright ensures that the unpublished or published intellectual property is protected under the law first established in heaven by the scriptures and then on earth as it is in heaven. The author’s rights are protected under the law of heaven and earth and no claim can be made to the work without the expressed written consent of the author.

JABEZ Holdings maintains the records of all intellectual property for work being published through Jabez Publishing House. Authors may qualify for additional products and services (Author Protection Plan, Author Equity Line of Credit, Author Royalty Program) by transferring temporary copyright ownership over to Jabez Publishing House as a form of collateral.


JABEZ Holdings reserves the copyright of record temporarily but does not assume ownership of the work. 

JABEZ Holdings allows authors to lend the title as collateral against any advance.



The first of its kind; the Author Protection Plan offers author financial relief by covering expenses for unexpected incidentals during the production process.

Plan B (starting at $12.95 per month)

Protect your book from being lost, stolen, or damaged.  If your book is lost in the mail, stolen at a live-event, or designs/props are damaged; your Plan B will replace or reimburse you the cost.


No Credit Check!  Approval Guaranteed! Build equity in your book every time a copy is sold.  Once you reach 500 sells, you may use "House Money" to buy additional products and services.  


Earn more and get it faster with our increased author royalty rate options and accelerated advanced payment system.  Our author royalty programs and Author Protection Plan offer peace of mind and security for self publishing authors.

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